Introduction: Tape Hatchet

I Had the fun idea to make a tape hatchet. I used pvc has the handle of the hatchet. and card board for the base of the hatchet head. Then wrapped the cardboard with duck tape and cut out the hatchet form to a good shape.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need a piece of PVC and cardboard and duck tape. You will also need a exto knive and scissors and electrical tape.. On your PVC you will need to cut a line right in the middle of the PVC for the cardboard to go in the space. You will need to spay paint the handle tan and black

Step 2: Putting in Card Board

Cut out a piece of card board the shape of a hatchet head and then slide it into the cut and then start to tape around the card board.

Step 3: The Last Step

finish taping around the card board so it looks like a basic hatchet then make a mark showing a cut line to make a curved look in the hatchet. Cut out the shape to make the hatchet have the curve then you will have a cool hatchet fully finished. you can also add an electrical tape handle on the hatchet for a cool look.

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