Introduction: Tape Job to Help Shin Splints

This is a good tape job if a person has shin splints or fallen arches. I have done it on many athletes and it has helped them a lot. 

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what you will need:

1) 1 roll White athletic tape

2) 1 split roll white athletic tap (you just get a white roll of tape and cut it in half and tear it so there are two ends of the tape)

3)  1 roll white Conform

The pictures are in order of what is listed. 

Step 2:

Make sure foot is clean and there are no open wounds
on the foot. Put foot in flexed position. It needs to stay this way for
the entire tape job.

Step 3:

 Wrap conform around the ball the foot. (The ball of the foot is right under the toes)

Step 4:

 Take the split roll of tape and put the end on the outside of the big toe on the elastacon.

Then wrap around the heel of the foot. (Make sure any time you go around the heel you go on the heel and not on the Achilles tendon.)

End it on the same spot as you started.

Step 5:

Take the split roll again and start the roll on the outside of the little toe.

Then wrap the tape around the heel of the foot. End it on the same spot.

Step 6:

 Take the split roll and start under the big toe
Go around the heel and end on the opposite side of the foot.

Step 7:

Repeat  step six until all of the arch is completely covered.

Step 8:

With the non-split roll of white tape start on the outside of the foot (on the little toe side) and go right under the toes where all the ends of the split roll are at. End on the inside of the foot next to the big toe

Step 9:

 Repeat step eight layering the tape at the half mark of the one you put down before
Continue doing this until you get to the fat pad of the heel.

Step 10:

Wrap all the white tape with the conform
Take a strip of white tape and tape down the end of the conform