Introduction: Tapering or Jointer Jig

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Tapering or Jointer Jig

This is a very simple jig for tapering or can be used as a jointer jig for your table saw. You will need some toggle clams and some ply wood. Also depending on the size you want to make it, what you will use it for, the reach of your toggle clamps etc, you can make it bigger or smaller.

On my one I added the attachment over the fence of the table saw, you essentially don't need this as you can make a very basic version with 3 bits of ply and clamps that simply rides against the fence. I added the fence attachment so that the jig stays locked into the fence and can't ride out keeping the cut true.

If you want the basic version and not fence attachment cut your first piece 200 mm or about 8" wide and as long as you need your jig to be. Your next cut is about 100 mm or 4" make 2 of these this all you need if you do not want to make the fence attachment. Make sure your bottom piece (200 mm or 8") has a perfect straight edge that rides against your fence, and screw the one of the 100 mm or 4" pieces to it. Make sure the that it is perfectly flush or even back so that it does not even touch the fence. You can now screw your 2nd 100mm piece of ply a top of the first, and add your toggle clamps, and essentially your jig can be just as is and work just as well. You just have to be more careful to keep the jig hard against your table saw fence.

I added a fence attachment and push handle so that the jig can not be skewed and rides on the fence. This attachment will be different for every one one as the fence will different size. But it is best to make and add this attachment before you had the 2 bits of ply to hold the clamps. Make sure you don't have it to loose else it is defeating the purpose of it but on the same token not to tight that you can not easily push the jig along the fence. I also added a push handle to my design to make it easier and safer to push the jig. Now as above add your top plates 100mm ply to your jig and add your toggle clamps.

To use this jig is very simple clamp in your piece of wood you wish to joint or trim to get a straight edge, slide the fence over and pus through as normal. Depending on the size or reach of your clamps you can also use it to taper cut by simply making the angle larger.