Introduction: Taping a Hockey Stick

When I was growing up, hockey was a very popular sport in my hometown.  Learning how to skate was the first step, but after that it was all about having a hockey stick.  My older brother showed me how to tape a hockey stick when I was younger.  After I was old enough, I started taping my own hockey stick because my brother was not always around to help.  He showed me a series of steps to follow, and it was relatively simple to follow at a young age.  After a few years, I had come up with my own method for taping a hockey stick, and that is what I am going to share with you.  

It should take you about 30 minutes to tape a hockey stick your first time, and then it will get faster and faster as you continue to tape hockey sticks.  A roll of hockey tape is around four or five dollars, and can be picked up at almost any sports store.  Also, a hockey stick can range from 20 dollars to 250 dollars, depending on what you want the stick to be made of.  Composite sticks are more expensive, while wooden sticks are typically cheaper.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

• Scissors

CAUTION: Do not run with scissors.  Also, scissors are sharp, avoid cutting yourself. 

• Roll of black hockey tape
• Roll of white hockey tape
• Hockey stick

Step 2: Planning

Determine how long you want the taped handle on your hockey stick to be.  I suggest taping the handle of the hockey stick with white tape so that it does not rub off on your gloves or hands while holding your hockey stick.  The taped handle typically is about six inches in length, running from the top of the stick down towards the blade.  Also, determine how you want the blade of your hockey stick to be taped.  I recommend taping the blade of the hockey stick with black tape because it hides the puck better, and tends to be more durable than white tape.  The blade is usually taped from the heel, where the blade meets the shaft of the stick, and runs your desired length towards the toe.

Step 3: Taping the Butt-end of the Stick

Unroll a piece of white hockey tape that is about two feet in length.  Do not cut this piece of tape, and spin the roll of tape so that the hockey tape will twist onto itself.  After this piece of tape has twisted onto itself and does not come undone, connect the free end to the top edge of the hockey stick.  Wrap this piece of tape around the other top edges until you have made three complete revolutions of the hockey stick, and do not cut this piece.

NOTE: If you want a bigger handle at the top, feel free to make more than three revolutions.  However, you will need a longer piece of tape if you make more revolutions.

Step 4: Taping the Handle Grips

When you have made three revolutions, and the tape is still connected to the roll, prepare yourself to tape the grips of the handle.  Start by angling the rolled up piece up tape at a 45 degree angle to the top of hockey stick.  While keeping the tape angled at 45 degrees, make one revolution around the hockey stick.  Continue to make revolutions around the shaft of the hockey stick until you have gone down a length of about five to six inches.  Cut the twisted up piece of tape after you have finished the grips for the handle.

Step 5: Taping the Top of the Handle

Cut a piece of tape that is approximately eight inches long, and place it over the top of the butt-end of the stick.  Firmly press the tape down on the two sides of the stick that the tape touches.  Repeat this process, except covering the other two sides of the hockey stick so that the top of the stick is completely covered.

Step 6: Taping the Handle

After you have taped the grips for the handle, you are ready to actually tape the handle.  Start with the tape as close to the top of the handle grips as you can.  Slowly unroll the tape while making revolutions around the stick, covering the tape grips that you previously made.  Continue down the shaft of the hockey stick until you have completely covered the grips with a single strip of tape.  When you have reached the bottom, make one more complete revolution while leveling out the tape so it is parallel to the floor.  After this revolution and the grips are covered, cut the tape and you are done with the handle of the hockey stick.

Step 7: Taping the Bottom of the Blade

Place the white tape out of the way, and grab the roll of black hockey tape.  Cut a piece of black hockey tape that is approximately six inches long.  Take this piece of tape, and place it lengthwise on the bottom of the blade from the heel of the blade towards the toe. Make sure that the blade is in the middle of the tape for the entire length of the piece of tape.  Press the sides of the piece of tape firmly onto the blade so that it does not move.

Step 8: Taping the Blade

Start unrolling the tape, and make sure to attach the starting end of the tape to the heel of the blade.  Make one complete vertical revolution around the blade and end at the same point you started.  Do not cut the tape at this point.  While using that same piece of tape, begin to angle the tape towards the end of the blade, and make revolutions around the blade while working your way towards the toe.  Make sure that your revolutions overlap each other so that you cannot see the blade through the tape.  Stop making revolutions when you reach a length that leaves approximately an inch of the blade exposed at the toe.  After making the final revolution near the toe of the blade, cut the tape and firmly press the last piece to the blade.

Step 9: Finished Product

You are done taping your hockey stick, and you can use it whenever you want to play some hockey.  Also, if you need to retape your hockey stick, follow these instructions again.  If you want somebody else to know how to tape a hockey stick, feel free to show them these instructions as well.