Taping Tunnels

Introduction: Taping Tunnels

Step 1: Disinfect

You're going to want to clean off your tunnel or plug (whichever your using; I have a tunnel). Use warm water and antibacterial hand soap.

Step 2: Get Teflon/electrical Tape

I have strips of electrical tape handy. They don't need to be large. Enough to wrap around your jewelry.

Step 3: Wrap

Pick a spot and lay down an edge of your tape and simply circle it (sticky side on the jewelry obviously)

Step 4: Cut the Edges

The edges if the tape will stick off the front and back. It's best to trim them, if only to appear neat

Step 5: Clean Your Ear

At this point my ear is large enough to clean by sticking a q-Tip in and wiggling around. If you have a smaller size run warm water over your ear and rinse with antibacterial soap.

Step 6: Put It in

I use the bottom of the jewelry as an anchor and push down until the other side pops in then fit it round. Your personal methods work too

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