Introduction: Taranis Q X7 Battery Mod

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In this short tutorial I will show you every step of adding a battery charging socket to your Taranis Q X7.

Step 1: Stuff You Need (Hardest Step!)

Stuff for socket itself:
  1. Taranis Q X7
  2. eBay search for the socket "5.5 X 2.5 mm Female DC Socket Power Charger Plug"
  3. eBay search for the JST connector "JST-XH 2S Connector Adapter Plug With Wire"

Note: 2.1 mm socket can be used too, but you need to match the DC male plug to it, so make sure it is also 2.1 mm in this case.

Stuff for the charging cable (depending on your charger):

  1. 18 AWG cable
  2. eBay search for DC plug "5.5 X 2.5 mm DC power plug male" take one that can be opened and added wires to
  3. *You can save yourself the previous two items by cutting the cord from an old transformer that has the correct plug to fit your socket.
  4. Female T plug connector (my IMAX B6 different charge cables are all connected to a male T plug)
  5. *You can save yourself all of the above items by buying a NiMH battery charger with the correct DC male plug, notice the difference between 2.1 mm and 2.5 mm

There's a kit available here which includes the charger too check it out I am not related to them in any way, I just know they exist and by watching their video, I knew this can be done.

Step 2: Dismount the Back of the Taranis

Remove the back after removing the battery cover and the module cover and 4 screws (see photo to locate them)

Step 3: JST Connector

We only need two wires for the JST connector

By pressing on the metal inside the JST connector with a sharp object remove the black and yellow wires

The yellow wire is scrape, place the black wire where the yellow wire once was

Step 4: Place for Socket

Make a hole for the socket using a drill

Start with a small bit and increase till you get to the right diameter

You should be able to fit the socket in the hole without any hassle, but it must not go through all the way

Tin the ends of the socket

At this point you can assemble the socket in the newly made hole

Place the socket in a way that ensures you have room to solder wires to its tinned ends

Step 5: Wire Assembly

Tin the outer most ends of the female JST connector as shown in the image

create the wire assembly as shown in the image above (no soldering yet, the shrink tube is holding everything together)

Step 6: Solder the Wires Assembly

Picture says a thousand words, in this case its really 1022 :)

Step 7: Finishing the Taranis

Solder the wire assembly to the socket and heat the shrink tube on top

Assemble the back cover of the Taranis

connect the male JST connector to the Taranis

Connect the battery to the female JST connector

The Taranis part is now complete, we will now build the charging cable for the (hopefully not fake, I really can't tell) IMAX B6 charger.

Step 8: Charging Cable

Solder the 18AWG wire to the female T plug

Solder the other ends to the DC male plug

Step 9: Charge Away!