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When I designed and built my home theater, I knew that a standard movie shelf would not suffice. So after some concept sketches and 3d modeling, I decided on the Tardis for my theme.

Step 1: Design

I measured the standard disc cases and designed around that size. The concept is pretty basic, it is just a dressed up shelf after all.
In fact, you can make things easy on yourself and buy a very basic movie or book shelf and add pieces to it to get the same look.

Step 2: Basic Construction

The main structure assembly and test allowed me to verify my design before spending time on the wibbly wobbly timey wimey bits.

Step 3: Detail Pieces

I used simple trim pieces to make the window frames, giving the shelf that signature look .
The height and depth of the design will determine how big your windows will be.

Step 4: Print the Light Housing

I created some files for the light housing that can be 3d printed.
Here is a link to the file on thingiverse:
The files were the result of some quick and dirty modeling so you will want to use some sanding and a glazing putty to smooth out the shape.

Step 5: Add a Backing

Most book/movie shelves have a thin backing to keep things from falling out the back. I went to the local Menards and picked up backing material in large sheets and cut them to fit.

Step 6: Paint

There are several shades of blue to choose from when looking through the various versions. I decided on a blue from the new series.
Tardis Blue:
Pantone: 2955C
Hex: #003B6F
RGB: 0,59,111
CMYK: 100,55,10,48

Step 7: Assemble the Light

I found this light at Menards:
And used the glass from it. Assuming there hasn't been any changes to the product since I bought mine, it should fit the printed parts perfectly.
Once you fit the glass to the printed housing, you can dress it up with wood skewer sticks. They should fit in the holes already in the printed parts.

Step 8: Add Letters

I had a vinyl sticker made as a stencil and painted the white letters

Step 9: Secure the Light

Center the light housing and lightly mark its position with a pencil, then use a construction glue, like liquid nail, to secure it to the top.

Step 10: Fill It

Add your movies, set some fun movie props on it, and enjoy

Step 11: Build a Bookshelf

Now that you cut your teeth on a small movie shelf, go bigger!
I did exactly that.
Have fun with it :)

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