Introduction: Task List - Using Raspberry Pi and 7.5" E-paper Display

I wanted to have my tasks list on my desk while i'm working , with some other information like the weather info , a calendar and a prayer times

so I've created this nice project using raspberry pi and e-paper display

so you gonna need :

  1. Raspberry Pi (Zero , Pi 2 , Pi A + , Pi 3)
  2. waveshare 7.5 inch E-paper Display
  3. SD Card
  4. 13x18 cm Photo frame

and here is a video tutorial

Step 1: Connect the HAT to the Raspberry Pi

If you are using Raspberry Pi Zero W , solider the headers and connect the HAT to the pi

but if you are using another version of the Raspberry pi you will connect the HAT directly .

i'm using the raspberry pi zero because it is small form factor and i can fit it in the photo frame

Step 2: Install the Raspbian OS and Transfer the Code

Start by installing the OS to the SD card

and if you need any help please refer to this tutorial

then download the code from here

and then replace the API tokens [Todoist and weather underground APIs] with your own Keys

and then copy the code to you raspberry pi , here i'm using WinSCP

Step 3: Run and Test the Code

from the terminal in Raspberry Pi

navigate to the directory that contains the code and then run "Python" that will run the project and will display it into the screen

you will need to run the code in the startup of the raspberry pi so please check this article

Step 4: Finish It !

all the components can fit inside the 13x18 cm photo frame , and you can power it using USB cable

challenge for you is to try to make this project battery powered . i'll try to make a new video with more features and will make it powered by battery

i hope you liked the project

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