Introduction: Tassel Necklace

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Trying a little DIY today!

Found this adorable necklace idea @ Fall for DIY. (

Step 1: Get Materials

You will need:

Krazy Glue

Lobster Claps

Jump Rings

Bead Landings

White Parachute Cord



Thread for Tassels (whichever color you choose)


Step 2: Cut Thread

Cut thread into three equal parts.

If you want more tassels then cut as many "parts" as you like.

Step 3: Tie Thread

Tie a piece of the same color thread around the middle of the section.

Step 4: Add Jump Ring

Add a jump ring to the tied area of the middle.

Use the clamps to secure.

Step 5: Tied the Tassel

Using some of the same color yarn, tie the area below the jump ring.

Wrap it around numerous times until you have the thickness that you like.

Step 6: Set Tassels Aside

Step 7: Jump Rings

Make 3 piles of 20 jump rings.

Step 8: Add Jump Rings to Cord

Take one pile of jump rings (20) and add them to the parachute cord.

Add a Spacer on each end of the jump rings.

Add a Tassel to one end.

Add another Spacer.

Step 9: Repeat

Repeat Steps until you have all three Tassels with jump rings and spacers.

Step 10: Cut Excess Thread

Cut thread so that it's even.

Step 11: Krazy Glue

Apply Krazy Glue to a bead landing clasp.

Attach the white parachute cord and hold for a minute.

(Be careful not to get the glue on yourself)

Step 12: Clamp

Once your rope is glued, use your clamps to secure the bead landings.

Step 13: Attach Jump Rings

Take a jump ring and attach it to each end.

Step 14: Lobster Clasp

Add a Lobster Clasp to the jump rings.