Introduction: Tassel Earrings With a Twist

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I love being able to use unconventional items in my jewelry making process, and these little curtain tassels are no exception. This is my twist on Martha Stewart's tassel earrings: with just a few items you can transform a pair of these fringed ties into chic jewelry! All you need are:

*A pair of tassels (mine are 1 1/2" long)
*Two earring hooks
*A handful of beads 
*Two eye pins
*Clear nail polish

Step 1: Create a Beaded Base

Taking your eye pins, string on a few beads in a pattern you like.

Step 2: Attaching the Earring Hook

Attach the eye pin to you earring hook by placing it through the connecting link, and wrapping it a few times around. Snip off any extra metal.

Step 3: Add the Tassel

Take your tassel and cut the string loop open. String one of the ends through the earring hook connecting link, and tie the two strands into a secure knot. Snip off any extra string.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Use your clear nail polish as a seal on your knot, coating it liberally.

Voila! That's all it takes to create a pair of sophisticated, tassel earrings. Adjust the beads so that they lay well if need (I had to curve mine a little so that they hung nicely).