Introduction: Tassel Tabe Coth

In my teens I used to help my mum in pulling threads off the materials to do Tassels.This was very interesting for me  and I ended up doing for my own clothes.
Since then it has been like a hobby in doing Tassels for my  Sarees ,Shawls,Table clothes,and bedspreads.
Pulling threads on big materials is a bit tricky as the threads tend  to get knotted and break..If you manage to pull the first couple of lines  with out the threads breaking or  getting  knotted ,then you won't have a problem in the rest of the materials.
With a help of a top pin or an unpicker you can do it easily.

This is a single knot Tassel  Table cloth which my sister and I did it while watching a film.Before the  film could end ,we finished the tassels.The size of the Table cloth is  45X18 inches.The tassels height is 5 inches.

I had two pieces of materials,and both the materials were  not  enough  on lengthwise,so I decided to join a piece on both ends.

Look !! The  joints does  not show!!

Step 1:

Thick Cotton Material
Top pins
Marking chalk (in case you need)

Matching thread (not included)
Machine (not included)

Step 2:

1. The length of the material is not enough.

2. I cut 2 pieces of materials to join  for both ends.

3. Pin the two pieces on to both ends.

Step 3:

1. Join the cut pieces  to both ends .

2. Open out and iron the seam.

3. Here is the joint, and the threads will be removed on the joint material.

Step 4: Removing the Threads

1+2  Cut  at  the edge of the joints on to the left and right,  side of the material.Then the threads will come out easily.

5. With an  unpicker  start removing the threads.The rest of the pictures shows the threads being removed.

Step 5:

This is really fun.

Step 6:

1. Fold in 1/2 an inch on both sides  lengthwise  and sew the hem.

2. Sew top stitch on top of the joint.

3. Now lay flat on the table and comb the tassels as it is all curled up due to pulling the threads.

4.Ready to do the Knots.

5. Start the knots from the left side.

6.Simple knot

7.They are all in one size.

Step 7: In Different Views

This is a single knot Tassel table cloth.
Doesn't it look great?

Now that my project is in the Hurri cane contest  I would like to say that If I win one of the laser cutter, I would resign from my day care mom job  or reduce my working hours and start  working from home with the laser cutter. I love sewing and I have enough and more orders,which I can't do it on time.Having a laser cutter would be so useful to full fill my hobby and satisfy the others who expect me to sew their out fits.
As well as every stuff I do with the help of the  laser cutter I will publish on this wonderful site.

I have posted this in the Hurriecane contest too.
I am a day care mom who is working full time,and do not have enough time for my sewing and crafting work which I love it very much.If ever I win the laser cutter I will give up my full time job or reduce it to a couple of hours(because I do a lot of craft work  with the kids and they will be dissapointed to see me no more)and start my own business at  home as I have enough and more sewing orders which I can not do it on time.Every instructable I do with the help of the laser cutter,I will definetly post it on this great site.

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