Tastier Instant Ramen Noodles

Introduction: Tastier Instant Ramen Noodles

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That mainstay of college meals, instant ramen noodles is often rather boring. Jazz it up and make it more nutritious with a few simple add ins.

First, add some meat. Sliced deli meats are an easy way to add protein. take a slice or three of the preferred meat and tear it into small pieces and just add it to the container. Before or after cooking the noodles, it doesn't really matter. if you are doing vegetarian, chop up some firm tofu and use that. If you don't have a fridge, canned meats or dried meats.

Add some veggies. Those bags of frozen veggies at the supermarket. Since this is an asian dish, I get the mixed stir fry veggies, but any of them work. Pick the ones you like. Take a small handful of the veggies and toss them into the soup. Pop it back into the microwave for another thirty seconds or so to thaw them out. If you prefer your veggies a little more mushy, put them in at the beginning. If you don't have refrigeration available, canned or dried veggies also work.

Make it thicker. If you prefer your soup with even more stuff in it, add a handful or two of instant rice at the beginning. If you like it thicker and more stewlike, you can thicken the broth with flour or corn starch. Add in a heaping tablespoon of flour or corn starch. Be careful to stir this completely into the water first, unless you like lumps. Start with a small amount and increase until you find your personal preference.

Spice it up. This is definitely where individual taste rules. Hot sauce, chili flakes, chives, garlic, onion, you name it. If you are not sure, give it a try. It's only one bowl of soup ruined if you don't like it.

This is also adaptable to make easy and inexpensive single bowl hiking meals. All you do is substitute the dried ingredients for the refrigerated or canned. prepackage the dried ingredients in a ziplock bag in one meal increments. (Experiment beforehand to figure out what you like.) Put everything into the pot with the water and bring it to a boil with a hiking stove or campfire. Once the noodles are cooked, remove from heat, let it sit for a minute or so and enjoy.

If you have a microwave at work, prepare it in microwave safe bowl. Put everything in the bowl the night before except the water and stick it into the freezer. Bring to work in an insulated container. By lunchtime things should be thawed out. Add water and zap it for a few minutes. Nice hot soup instead of expensive takeout or junk from the canteen truck.


sliced deli meats or canned meats.

Fresh, frozen, canned or dried veggies.

Any spices you like.

Flour or corn starch.

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