Introduction: Tasty Thai Style Soup

This Soup is quick and easy, tasty and healthy, miraculous and sensational.

The ingredients are for one person but if you want more (and you will) Simply multiply the ingredients by the number of 'people' you are cooking for.

If you don't like fire eating then just put a bit less of the spicy ingredients into this. You'll find that the hotter you can handle the more beneficial this soup will be.

I like to eat this while I am ill (and when I'm not) and it blasts the flu off my face every time.

Step 1: Ingredients

This soup has a few ingredients, I use pork but chicken is just as delicious. Make the stock first so you can give the meatballs a tasty hot bath.

Chicken stock cube + about 500ml or boiling water OR 500ml of proper chicken stock
Desert spoon of soy sauce
Desert spoon of Sesame oil
Enough hot sauce to satisfy your palate

If anyone has some fish sauce, I suspect a spoonful would bring something special to the stock. Just a thought....

Meat. About 120g of chicken or pork (pork is harder to blend)
Chili. Just one small chili. Or more if you really want to sweat!
Garlic. Just one clove.
Root ginger peeled. About a thumbnail size bit, or bigger if you have small thumbs. 
Coriander (Cilantro) about 60g fresh or a few spoons of dry.
Salt and pepper
One very important egg white, or the whole thing (not the shell) if you like eggs.

Step 2: Prepare the Stock

Simply throw all the stock ingredients into the pan (you'll need a pan). Careful not to throw too hard or you'll damage the soup.

Bring to the boil and allow to simmer tentatively.

Excited yet?

Step 3: Make a Da Spicy Meat-a-ball

Acquire a sturdy blender from a neighbor (just in-case it breaks) and toss the meatball ingredients in. The order of ingredients is not pivotal but carefully put the very important egg in last. Say goodbye to the ingredients as separate entities.

Blend like there's no tomorrow. I like to shake the blender like a cocktail waiter.

Step 4: Make the Meatballs

If you relied on our little eggy chum, the meat should be like a very thick paste which is a little tricky to persuade out of the blender. Shake it onto a plate and leave the mess (good job you borrowed the blender!).

Please make sure you have the stock on the go at this point, otherwise the whole thing will get very messy.

To prepare meatballs for their bath, take two teaspoons and quenelle the meat. Then slide them into the soup. Don't put the spoons in the soup!!!

To quenelle the meat simply take a small scoop of meat on the spoon and shape it with another spoon as if you are trying to trap the meat between two spoons so that it looks like a little bundle of meaty lovelyness. Don't put the spoons in the soup!!!

Step 5: Getting Close Now

Leave the soup to simmer for 5 mins. The idea being that the meatballs will poach in their bath (good job that doesn't happen to humans!) and become delicious spicy mouth bombs ready for your enjoyment.

Step 6: EAT!!!!

Pour the soup into your favorite bowl/shoe/ top hat/pelican's mouth and eat as quickly as possible so you can go and make some more!!

This was and will always be, my first instructable. If you liked it let me know. If you loved it, give me a call!!