Introduction: Tasty Tiramisu

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Tiramisu is an awesome dessert which is absolutely delicious, but I find that many recipes of tiramisu are too heavy and sweet, while though it is not a super healthy treat, it should actually be quite light. It should definitely not settle heavily in your stomach. In addition to that, I know that it is a dessert which is supposed to be sweet, but it is not necessary for any dessert to be overly sweet because though many people have gotten used to it, it tastes so much better if there is a balance. It is also much better for your health. In this recipe, there is a balance between the very sweet cream and the bitter chocolate milk which creates a huge contrast and blend of flavors making the tiramisu with the perfect amount of sweetness and a delicious flavor. By the way, this tiramisu does not include coffee and so is kid friendly, but if you like, you may modify the recipe to include coffee by adding it to the chocolate milk. I hope that you try this out and tell me what you think because this tiramisu is a bit original. Enjoy!



(You may have to increase or decrease the recipe for the size of tray you are using for the tiramisu)

- 2 cups of milk

- 50 grams of cocoa

- A packet of lady finger biscuits

- 250 grams of mascarpone

- 3 eggs

- 50 grams of sugar

- 1 tsp of vanilla extract


- A medium sized pot to heat milk

- Spoon to stir milk

- A tray

- Measuring cup(s)

- Kitchen Balance

- Electric Mixer (I would not put myself through the misery of beating egg whites and the mascarpone mixture by hand. I am using a Kitchen Aid mixer but really any brand works. My mixer also has more than one bowl which makes things much easier.)

- Spatula (Get a silicon one if you can, they are the best and will not leave one bit of food left in a bowl)

- Fridge

Step 1: Create the Hot Chocolate Milk

In your pan, mix the cocoa with the milk, heating them up on a medium heat. When the mixture is completely homogeneous, without any bits of coca floating around, it will be ready. This will take some time, and at the end of the process the milk will quite warm. Stir this mixture with a spoon every so often and keep an eye on it. As the chocolate milk heats up, you may continue with the rest of the recipe but don't forget about the milk and definitely do not let it boil.

Step 2: Create Mascarpone Mixture

Place the mascarpone, the three egg yolks, the vanilla extract and the sugar in a bowl and whisk until homogeneous, soft, and firm. The color should become a super light creamy yellow. Save the 3 egg whites in a separate bowl because you will need them afterwards.

Step 3: Create Meringue

In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites on the highest speed of your mixer until they become a meringue. They should increase in size by a lot, look very puffy and white, and should be very firm. You will see that the egg whites will transform into that puffy white meringue quickly, but leave the mixer on for some more time otherwise it will not be properly done and the meringue should increase in size and firmness. Be very careful when dealing with the meringue because it might get spoilt if you brutally mix it so when mixing it into the mascarpone in the next step, do it slowly and gently.

Step 4: Create the Cream Mixture

Combine the mascarpone mixture with the meringue in a bowl. Don't poor the mascarpone mixture onto the the meringue mixture, do it pouring the meringue into the mascarpone bowl and gently, carefully, and slowly mixing the two together until the mixture is completely homogeneous.

Step 5: Put the Layers of Tiramisu in the Tray

Dip each lady finger biscuits completely in the chocolate milk, placing them at the bottom of your tray to create a somewhat even layer. You may have to break the biscuits to fit the size of your tray at the edges but you have to completely cover the bottom of your tray with them. Pour and spread an even layer of the cream mix onto the chocolate dipped lady finger biscuits. Repeat the last two steps until your tray is full. The last layer should be a cream layer.

Step 6: Finish the Tiramisu and Enjoy!

Place the tiramisu in the fridge overnight. You may sprinkle some more cocoa powder on the top of your tiramisu if you like. Now eat and enjoy to your heart's desire! I hope you like this recipe and the delicious result of it.