Tasty Fall Dinner With a Vegan Option

Introduction: Tasty Fall Dinner With a Vegan Option

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Recipe: For 2 persons


* For the oven roasted veggies:

4 medium fresh beetroot, peeled & top & bottom cut away with plastic gloves on to prevent stains everywhere, each beetroot cut into smaller wedges

1 medium white onion, peeled & cut up into smaller wedges

6 bigger carrots, peeled & each one cut up into smaller strips

2 tablespoons raspberry vinegar ( 30 ml )

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar ( 30 ml )

a few drizzles of a fruity extra virgin olive oil

8 grins of black pepper

some pinches of Maldon sea salt

* For the cooked peppered buckwheat groats:

1/2 cup ( 100 gr ) rinsed buckwheat groats

twice the same amount of water to cook the groats in

some grins of black pepper, to taste

* For the fried organic pork sausages:

250 gr of organic gluten-free & dairy-free pork sausages ( You can make this meal completely vegan if you use vegan sausages!!! ) a fruity evoo to fry them in


1. Preheat your oven to 200°C ( 400 F ) for 10 minutes. In a large non-stick roasting tin, place your beetroot, carrot strips & white onions wedges, in 1 layer all in it. Scatter your black pepper, sea salt over your veggies. Pour your raspberry vinegar & balsamic vinegar all over your veggies & with plastic gloves on mingle everything together. Place in your hot oven & roast for about 25-30 minutes until your veggies are cooked through. Turn your veggies over after 15 minutes or so, to prevent burning & for an equal roast!

2. Cook your buckwheat groats according to your packet instructions. I added some grins of black pepper to my buckwheat. Cook until the water is absorbed & until the buckwheat groats have opened & are cooked through. This took me about 15 minutes. Keep warm. 3. While you cook your buckwheat fry your organic sausages into some hot fruity evoo until cooked through & browned on all sides. Serve at once & enjoy your meal with a loved one! :) You can find this tasty recipe also here on my blog: http://sophiesfoodiefiles.wordpress.com/2014/11/10/fall-dinner-vegan-option/

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