Introduction: Taught Line Hitch

Made by Evakyl

Step 1: First, Make a Light, Incomplete Loop Like the Picture.

Step 2: Take the End and Cross It Above the Rest of the Cordage Making a Small Loop. As You Finish the Loop and Come Back to the Rest of the Cordage, You Are Going to Want to Go Under the Rope Instead of Above.

Step 3: Take the End and Loop It Around the Excess Cordage Near the First Loop.

Step 4: Take the End and Prepare Another Loop. Tuck the End Under the Cordage for Now.

Step 5: Take the End and Slip It Into the Loop You Just Created.

Step 6: It's Hard to See, But There Should Be 2 Loops on the Left, the End of the Rope, Then One Last Loop With a Line of Cordage Running on Top of All of Them.

Step 7: Tighten the Not Slowly As to Not Mess Up the 2 Loop, End, One Loop Pattern.