Introduction: Tavros Horn Cosplay Help

So, This is what I'm making (unfinished, but i doubt you'll need help as I will be explaining the finishing of the horns after) So... Yup, I hope it's useful, they are very light weight!
The things you'll need aren't too much.
The first thing you'll need (without it, you cant go anywhere, literally xD) Is insulation foam Luckily, my mum's boyfriend is a builder so he could pick me some up for free, im not sure how expensive it is, or where you can get it from... Oops, but if you can get hold of some, then good for you! (: (with this step, I'll tag a picture from the internet)

You could possibly use polystyrene, extruded foam if they sound more familiar with you... You could use polyethylene foam (what the swimming noodles are made from) But i would either use extruded or insulation foam, as sanding the polyethylene foam or polystyrene may be difficult.

You'll need something to cut it with, this was hard, I had a knife, but as my foam was thick, it wasn't the easiest of jobs, plus it makes a horrible sound! (i've gone on too much, i'll explain more in the step.)

You'll also need sandpaper for shaping the horns (again, i'll talk more about it in the next steps)

And something to paper mache it

A pen? it's pretty obvious, but just in case... i'll explain more now in the next step! (:

Step 1: Cutting Out

As Mentioned, you can see the knifes i used, and the mess of it all, again, it's very lightweight. As you can see by the photo, you can get different thickness of the foam, so if you get a thin one, just cut out 4 sets of horns, and glue 2 together (so it's doubling the thickness, trust me, the thicker the better (; wonk) Judging by the photo from the internet (one on attached to this step also the first intro step) i used the really thick one in the middle.

So before cutting it out, i got a marker pen and drew my Horn (you can still see the marker i used) But when it comes to cutting it out, the point on the top will be...hmmm(i'll probably draw it to explain, because right now i'm finding it hard to, so look at the drawn photo for the help im trying to give xD)

In case you can't read my hand writing I'll write out the steps and what they say. (Add more in too)

-Sorry for my writing and drawing, i was rushing to get it done-

I ALSO JUMPED STEP 3 ON THE DRAWING, SO IN STEAD OF 4, IT'S MEANT TO BE 3, 5 IS MEANT TO BE 4, 6 IS MEANT TO BE 5 AND THERE'S NOT 7TH STEP!! i apologise, if that confused you... just don't worry, i didnt miss anything out i just accidentally missed step 3 by numbers, not like an actual step to do something.

1-Draw and cut out the horn on the foam

2- When the horn is cut out, it'll look like this. (pointing to the diagram)

3- The top of the point of the horn is like a line (point to the top of diagram 2, with the line)

4- (a diagram of the horn again, and part of step 5 on it)

5- You will need to get the middle of the line and mark it (As the blue shows on diagram 4) Then cut down to curve into the side of the horn (like the on the drawing diagram)

6- (diagram of the horn finished) now its no longer a line, now a point.

Look at the horn photo attached with this step (at the top) you can see my horn has not a line at the top, it has a point.

i had to understand when i cut it out. So this step may confused you while reading it, maybe be better once you have the horn visually.

Oh yeah! while talking about cutting it out, i made the mistake of cutting most of mine out in my house, other than it making a hell of a mess, it also is bad to breathe in? So maybe doing it outside would be best, especially people with breathing difficulties.

Step 2: Sanding Down

The photo in my room, for my second horn, it was easier to cut it out if i had a block like horn, you just draw around the already cut out horn on top, and cut it with more control (before i cut it out with the whole block of foam, i didn't think about cutting a bit off and be able to move the block around while cutting it out)

As you can see with my cut out horns, they are sharp edges, if you're comfortable with making them rounder with a knife, by all means do that... But I personally think getting large sandpaper sheets are best. What i did (i've only done some to one horn, it looks good already) is get both ends of the sheet and hold the horn between your legs or something? And sand it around. Just do whatever makes you comfortable!

Again, like cutting, do this outside, smaller sand like parts come off, it looks dusty in a way.

This step also lets you even the horn out with the other!

With the close up photo i got of my horn, you can see the part i've started to smooth out.

Step 3: The Final Steps

This part hasn't been done by me, but it pretty straight forward, after your horns have been shaped out and look fabulous, do not go and paint it!! Paint doesn't sit well on the foam, so you'll have to paper mache the horns! this will make them more secure as well, it may make them weigh slightly more than the start, but it wont be heavier than clay horns. How you paint and attach your horns to the headband is up to you!

i hope you enjoyed this and it helped out!

Lets get crafting!