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Introduction: Tazer Mouse

About: 30 year old games designer, working in sales, repairing anything and everything i can. when it cant be fixed it becomes target practice. i need to get back to building. Skateboarder and biker

I have made many tazers from disposable cameras but this time wanted to see if I could make one a bit different

Step 1: Materials

We have used a bat to get rid of flies for a few years now that was purchased from a local pound land, this bat uses electricity to immobilize the flys. After having to change the switch and battery connectors several times it finally broke after being hit of a wall by my younger sister trying to kill a wasp.

The idea I had was first to make a small box but I realized I had some spare PC mice lying around.

You will need:

Pound land bat (if they still sell them)
PC mouse
Solder wire
2x AAA batteries
Soldering iron

Step 2: Where to Start

First we take apart the bat/ racket so we can see what we are dealing with circuit wise, as you can see this is rather simplistic, I did have to shorten the bulb wire slightly and place it on the opposite side of the motherboard but it is working fine.

Step 3: The Mouse

We only need the top half of the mouse motherboard as we will be using the buttons for the tazer to work.

As you can see the button is connected to 2 wires one from a battery and the other from the motherboard. So we can use the button to click on and off we had to use the top and middle points, if we were to use the top and bottom the tazer would be constantly on unless you pushed the button in.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Now I have made some adjustments by having both buttons work instead of just the one, I have used smaller battery's than previously I started with AA 1.5v but they were to big for the housing.

The whole mouse is held together with 1 screw so I made sure everything that was inside the housing would fit after closing it up and not hinder the screw.

Before the mouse could be closed up I placed 2 screws in the bottom that will be our connector prongs isolated by using electricians tape.

The red light has been placed on the back of the motherboard to give it a look of a laser that is usually on these kinda of mouse.

Step 5: Questions

If you have any let me know.

I have enjoyed messing on with electronics but it has been a while so this is me trying to get back in to it, my next project will be my raspberry pi

Also careful when soldering as I may have been a bit distracted and touched my finger a little with the iron :p

In future I also recommend putting in a safety switch, as silly me decided to push the buttons and touch the connectors together while building it.

Happy building peeps


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