Introduction: Tea Maker

This is a machine that I use to remind myself about my tea, because I often forget about it for a long time after I put the tea bag.


2 electric buttons

1 LED (5mm)

1 servo motor (S03T/STD)

1 piece of card board (1x1m) might have leftovers

Wires (prepare for 30 to have spare to extend if necessary)

2 10k ohm resistors (for buttons)

1 100 ohm resistor (for LED)

Arduino board (Leonardo)

5V Power source and wire

Any type of adhesive (tape glue etc,)

Extra: A speaker (8O1W, 20x4mm, with Dupont wires)

Step 1: Cut the Cardboard

Cut your card board according to the dimensions below:

20cm x 5cm (2 pieces)

13cm x 5cm (2 pieces)

20cm x 13cm (1 piece)

7cm x 2.5cm (1 piece)

7cm x 6 cm (1 piece)

Step 2: Assemble the Cardboards

Adhere the pieces together and form a box according to the pictures above.

Adhere the 20x5cm cardboards on the longer side of 20x13cm cardboard

Adhere the 13x5cm cardboards on the shorter side of the 20x13 cardboard

Adhere the 7x2.5cm horizontally (2.5cm connected with the box)

Adhere the 7cm x 6 cm horizontally (6cm connected with the box)

The 7x2.5 and 7x6cm card boards are where you will put the teabag and your servo motor, so you can slightly adjust the position by your self or you can just stick as what I do. (because your teabag might be different from mine)

Step 3: Wiring

Connect the wires according to the picture above

I would strongly recommend you to use shorter wires for wiring the buttons and LED light, otherwise organizing the wires will be very difficult.

Step 4: Code

Copy and paste the code from the link above and upload it onto your Arduino board.

Step 5: Testing

After you upload the code and finish wiring, the machine should work like this:

Step 6: Extra Step: Speaker

This step is completely optional but I would strongly recommend you to do this. Because you might not notice the LED light shining.

Step 7: Connect the Box and the Wires Together

Stick a popsicle stick onto the motor, like in the picture above.

Place your Arduino board onto the middle of the box like in the picture above.

Stick the buttons, LED and motor according to the picture. (The digital pin 2 button should be at the right and the digital pin 3 button should be placed to the left.)

When you press the right button, the motor will activate, letting popsicle stick to knock down the tea bag into your bag. When your preset timer (in the code) goes off, the LED will start shining, then you press the left button for a second to reset the machine.

Simply put the speaker inside the box if you actually add it.

Step 8: You're Done: Place It Anywhere You Want.

The only requirement of this machine is that your machine has to be higher than your cup, so place it anywhere fitting that condition.