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Introduction: Tea Party Invitations

Make a customizable, personalized invitation for any kind of party!

My theme for this party was a (somewhat) British Afternoon Tea and the colors were spring based with purple, green, and yellow. I wanted the invitations to reflect all of that!

However, you can change the image and colors used to suit your party.

To see this instruction all in one page check out my blog: TeaforTeal

Step 1: Supplies

Envelopes (mine were green)

Pre-made plain paper card OR thick paper that you can fold into cards (mine were purple)

Fancy paper (the yellow and white flower paper)

Scratch paper

Regular scissors


Cutting board



Individually wrapped tea sachets


Fancy shaped scissors that create patterns when used

Calligraphy pen

I went to PaperSource and bought a pack of green envelopes, purple premade folded cards, and a giant piece of yellow flowery paper. I think it all cost a total of $15. So, I could have bought premade cards for the same price but then I wouldn’t have a fun project!

Step 2: Teapot Template

1.  Using the scratch paper make the appropriate sized template of a teapot (I used this teapot image) and cut it out. Remember it needs to fit on the card.

2. Cut your fancy paper into the correct size for the teapot.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Teapots

3.  Trace the teapots on the back of the yellow paper pieces and cut them out. Basic scissors work well for this part but ascertain how many invitations you want to make before you start all the tracing and cutting!

4. Use an exacto-knife with a cutting board as backing and cut out the middle part of the teapot handle.

Step 4: Glue Time!

5.  Paste all the teapots onto the cards.

6.  I jazzed up the cards a bit by cutting a wave into the bottom of the card. This would be easier with shaped scissors but it wasn’t time consuming with regular scissors either.

Step 5: The Invitation Part

7.  On the inside of the card I choose to print out the actual invitation with day, date, time, etc from my computer and paste it into the card. This should have been faster than handwriting it all but I had a hard time not being OCD about the look of the printed invitation and it ended up being the most time consuming part.

Step 6: The Names!

8.  To make the invitations look really fancy, use a calligraphy pen (you know the kind that you can get in craft stores that make it LOOK like you know calligraphy) to write the recipients name.

Another type of fancy pen or even a sharpie will work as well though.

Step 7: The Final Touch

9.  The final touch is the addition of a tea sachet. Simply tape the individually wrapped tea sachet on the top of the inside of the card.

Step 8: Conclusion

Despite all the steps, and dependant on the number of invitations being made, these invitations only would have taken an hour or so…but I did this between doing a bunch of other stuff so it took me longer.

The final result is a totally customizable and unique card. You could make any silhouette from flowers to faces and the color scheme is easily changeable. Include a sweet touch like a seed packet for a garden party or a rice sachet for a wedding invitation and take the invitation up one more notch!

Step 9: PS Extra Project

PS. All those little inside teapot handle pieces? I made into adorable flowers!

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