Introduction: Tea Pot Fountain Planter

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This planter brings together the calming sound of running water, the beauty of colourful flowers and whimsy touch of a tea party setting.

Inspired from Alice in the wonderland.


Step 1: Supplies

For this project items required are

✨ Beautiful colourful flowering plants

( I used Cosmos, Lantana and Vinca )

✨ Potting soil

( You won't need much just enough to fill the cavity between the two pots )

✨ Two planters of different sizes

(one smaller than the other )

✨ Water pump

✨ Water motor and Clear tubing/ pipe

✨ Tall candle stands / tall PVC pipes

(3 pieces each smaller than the other)

✨ Two Teapots

✨ Tea cup and Saucer

✨ Waterproof glue

✨ Epoxy

Step 2: Setting the Planter

So first, I would recommend to put the planter in its final place as it gets heavy when you fill the soil or you can also do the same as I did and put the planter on a trolley so it is easy to move .

Now put the small planter in the large planter and fill the soil in the cavity between the planters and leave a bit of gap between the soil and the rim of the small planter otherwise the soil will get into the the smaller planter and our motor could get clogged .

After this step plant the flowers in the soil and water them and leave the small planter in place for at least a day so that the soil is set .

Step 3: Setting the Fountain + Motor

Here first we will remove the small planter carefully so that the soil doesn't crumble and then we will use the 3 candle stands and stick it to the bottom of the small planter in a spiral manner and let it set for a day.

Then we will put the tea pot on the candle stand and check the tilt angle ,it should be such that when the pot is full it starts pouring water in the second pot and similarly the second pot ours the water in the teacup and finally back into the water reservoir, for this first we will fill the small planter which is our water reservoir and we will put the small pipe in the teapot( as shown in the image ) and run the motor. After we have determined the tilt we will adhere the pots and cup to the candle stand with epoxy ( and remove the water ).

And finally after everything is glued and fixed we will put the planter back and fill in the water and plug the motor in.

Step 4: Enjoy !

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