Introduction: Tea Infuser

Get together a drill with a 1/16" drill bit or smaller, plus a small plastic container (~2 oz) that has a removable lid.  Some options are used (clean!) prescription medication jars, used spice jars, or findings from your local dollar store.  

Step 1: Drill the Holes!

Drill a whole bunch of small holes all over the body of the jar.  You can do straight rows, designs, letters/words, whatever comes to mind.  Drilling into the bottom of the jar and/or lid is optional, but reccomended for extra flow of water through your tea. 

Step 2: Clean It Out

Clean it out well with some soap and water.  If you really want to, you can get inside the jar with some sand paper and sand down the rough edges of the holes.  But you don't have to.

Step 3: Test It Out!

Fill it up with some good tea and dunk it in some H2O!!!  It can hold a decent amount of loose leaf tea, so it's good for making bulk amounts.  Especially nice in the summer for iced sun tea.