Introduction: Teach Guinea Pig to Stand on Hind Legs

This simple trick can be the key to unlocking your Guinea's true potential! Lets get started!

Step 1: Starting Out

Guinea Pigs can be very intelligent animals when they put their mind to it. Teaching your pig to stand up on its hind legs to grab a treat from your hand will be very easy. However, it will take time and patience. Never get mad at your piggy for not understanding. Some learn faster than others. But some are incapable of learning at all. Good luck!

Step 2: Gathering Supplies

OK now you are ready to get your supplies. First, grab some treats and wash them. Perhaps a bit of celery or lettuce. Next, make sure your guinea pig is away from any dangerous or pointed objects. Also, make sure you don't give big pieces of the treat or the pig will get full. Thats all you'll need!

Step 3: Getting Started

Now all you need to do is put your treats to good use. First, give the Guinea Pig a sample of the treat so they know what they are getting. Now, take another piece of the treat and hold it just above their head. This will motivate the pig to stand on its hind legs and reach for the treat. If the pig can't do it right away, just practice having them reach up with their head. If your pig does complete the task, give them the treat immediately. After that, you may want to come up with a code word like "up" and say it every time before you hold up the treat. This will let the piggy recognize what they are doing each time and eventually get them to do it without the treat above their head. Plus, after they stand lower the treat so they may eat in on the ground or they will get tired of standing.

Cautions! However! Not all pigs feel comfortable doing this. Often young or small pigs don't have the body strength to hold up their front paws. VERY IMPORTANT! DO NOT hold the treat above and behind the guinea pigs head! They CAN TIP on their back causing them to break bones or become stressed out! This is NOT ok to do! It will hurt and traumatize the cavy. If they do tip, MAKE SURE there is nothing sharp behind them or have your hand ready to steady them!

Step 4: Finishing Up

Yay! Now your guinea pig can stand! If you have ANY questions post them bellow! I will be happy to reply. Make sure to read the very important cautions in the previous step to ensure your cavys safety. Plus, isn't that picture above AMAZING?!

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