Introduction: Teaching Robot

I created a teaching robot for my future students. This teaching robot can be used for free activities or for self study in primary class. In addition you only need index cards for different topics or subjects. On one side of the index card you write down a question and on the other side the answer. If you put the index card with the question on top in the teaching machine, the index card comes out with the answer on top.


- 2 cardboard trays

- cardboards

- Stanley knife

- spray paint

- pencil

- masking tape

- ruler/triangle ruler

- Edding / Sharpe

Step 1: Preparation

At first you have to look at the measurements of your index cards. Then you have to mark the measurements of your index cards on one of the two cardboard trays.

The first slot have to be on the upper half of the cardboard tray. I measured 8 cm from the upper edge and mark the middle of the cardboard tray, so that the slot is placed in the middle.

The entry slot is 8 cm long and 2 cm wide. The slot at the bottom needs to be little bit wider because there has to fit through an index card slide made of cardboard and an index card itself. the bottom slot has the same length as the entry slot.

Cut the two slots with the Stanley knife as shown in the pictures.

Step 2: Inner Section

First of all we need two cardboards with length 30cm and height 17cm, whereby 2cm are needed for turning down and sticking. Furthermore, one cardboard with length 35cm and height 12cm is used. Afterwards, all cardboards are sprayed in silver.

Step 3: Built Together

In the next step all parts are built together like mentioned in the pictures above. Additionally, masking tape is used for sticking both cardboard trays together.

Step 4: Finish

To sum it up, the whole box is sprayed again in silver. In the end the box is painted in a plate pattern style.

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