Introduction: Team Christmas

These ornaments are different ways to enjoy the christmas holiday. Everyone can do these ornoments even kids!

Step 1: Choice One

The first

instruction set ornament is made by crushing and melting crayons with a blow dryer. When choosing colors, you want to stay away from red, yellow and blue, and the three secondary colors are orange, green and purple. These are the colors when mixed make brown. This instruction set is easy, enjoyable, and entertaining for children to watch and make.

1. Gather materials: glass ornaments, crayons, a cup, a Ziploc bag, a hot pad, and a blow dryer

2. Pick desired colors of crayons and peel off the paper

3. Take stripped crayons, put them into the plastic bag and crush them with a cup

4. Take the ornament top off and put crushed crayons inside the ornament

5. Place the ornament onto a hot pad, then put your finger on the top hole and begin to melt the crayons with the blow dryer

6. While the wax melts, move the ornament around so it spreads.

7. Once hardened and dry, put the top back on and enjoy

Step 2: Choice Two

This instruction set ornament is made by using rubbing alcohol and permanent markers. Although it is for those who are more advanced, this instruction set is extremely creative and mimics the effects of stained glass.

1. Gather materials: glass ornaments, alcohol ink, straws or an air compressor, towels and paper towels, cookie sheet, bottles or squeeze tubes, pliers, an Exacto knife rubbing alcohol, and permanent markers

2. Make the alcohol ink:

o Take ink cartridges out of the marker using pliers to open the plastic cap, and then set inside container of your choice

o Use the Exacto knife to cut half way up the cartridge stalk, this will release the ink more quickly

o Add the alcohol to cover most of the cartridge

o Let sit overnight for maximum pigment, and remove cartridge before use

o TIP: for more pigment, try adding in more cartridges, or use less alcohol

3. Make the ornaments:

o Lay down towels and have paper towels ready nearby in case of spills

o Remove the cap and add 1-3 drops of the first desired color

o Then, rotate the ornament until there is only a small pool left at the bottom

o Use the straw or air compressor to make a quick blast of air

o Once the ink has set, repeat with other desired colors

o TIP: for a more abstract look, immediately blast the ink with air for a splattered effect

Step 3: Choice Three

The second

instruction set ornament is made by using mod podge or Elmer’s glue along with glitter to make a sparkly, fun ornament. This instruction set is more for advanced, older people, but is still easy, affordable, and pleasurable.

1. Gather materials: clear ornaments, either glass or plastic, Elmer’s glue or mod podge, and glitter

2. Pour the glue or mod podge into the ornament and gently swirl around. Do not shake, otherwise air bubbles will form

3. Pour in the glitter and swirl in order to coat the inside of the ornament

4. If there is excess glitter, dump it out into a trash

5. Once all is dry, put the top back onto the ornament and enjoy. Embellish if desired, and enjoy

Step 4: Choice Four

The fourth instruction set ornament is a little more time consuming and involves a little more arm work. This instruction set involves using paint and shaking the ornament around to mix the colors together.

1. Gather materials: plastic ornaments, acrylic paint, paper towels, and a toilet paper cardboard tube to dry

2. Take the top off of the ornament and pour the desired colors inside in any wanted pattern

3. After the chosen paint has been poured, stuff a paper towel into the top of the ornament

4. Then proceed to shake around vigorously to ensure that the paint will spread

5. When the paint is around the entire ornament, leave right side up for a 3-5 minutes

6. Afterwards, take cardboard tube and place vertically on layered paper towels

7. Put the ornament upside down to dry and allow for excess paint to leave

8. Once all is dry, put the top back on the ornament and hang