Introduction: Team Fortress 2-Pyro's Gloves

If you're working on a Team Fortress Pyro cosplay and want to appear as close to the original as possible, you're in luck! Here's one part figured out for you!

Now you can easily replicate the appearance of Pyro's gloves! And you can do it without any messy paint! (Painting rubber is problematic anyway) And you can do it all under $10!


  • Basic Yellow Dishwashing Gloves
  • Black Chemical Gloves
  • Scissors

Step 1: Finding the Right Gloves

Pyro's gloves are rubber, so you'll need a decent pair of yellow dishwashing gloves and black chemical gloves.

Try to get both pairs in the same size, so they appear to match. You can find both types of gloves pretty much anywhere. Mine came from Walmart.

Step 2: Cutting the Black Gloves

Cut the fingers off the black gloves. Try to make the cuts as even as possible on both hands.

Next, cut off a certain amount from the cuffs of the black gloves. I can't specify how much because it depends on the size and type of gloves you find, but it should be enough that the yellow of the other gloves sticks out.

Step 3: Putting It Together

Now all you have to do is slide the yellow glove into the black one. That's it! No glue, paint, velcro, or tape required!

Step 4: Enjoy Them

Now that your gloves a ready, take some neat pictures and cosplay away! Or burn something instead! Either way, Pyro would be proud!

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