Introduction: Team Fortress 2 Scout Costume!

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How to make a costume and be the Scout in real life!

This is my entry for the DIY haloween constest in the category "Costume"

I know this has been done before, but, without any offense, the instructable uploaded here is kind of weak and detailless

This Covers:
*The Bag
*Headphone with mic
*Bat (actuallly you dont need a fake one, but i live in argentina and there's not a lot of cheap baseball gear here, so im going to make one!)
*Hand bandages

Step 1: Introduction Continued: the Idea and the Sources

Before you can cosplay somebody or something, you will need something to start with. I took these pictures of the Scout from and as there are 3 views its a good thing to start with. There were also pics of the bat that will be in the correspondient step.

Step 2: Go Shopping!

Well this is the pics and the instructons on going shopping the things you need

For this costume you will need:
-A plain RED or BLU t-shirt
-A black hat
-Black cargo pants
-Long white socks
-Sport Sneakers (nobody will be looking at your shoes, so use any dark colour sneakers)
-Sport bandages for the hands
-A black bag that you can put on like the scout
-Regular baseball belt
-For the BAT
--A stick
--Aluminium foil
--Tape (scotch)
--Tape (electrical or black duct tape)

Step 3: Making the Bat

This is the only part you need to build, so the costume is easy!

You'll need a stick, newspaper, aluminum foil, black duct tape or electrical isolating tape, a sharpie and scotch tape
Basically, you start wrapping newspaper around the stick, leaving a couple inches for the grip part.
then, you cover it with aluminum foil and wrap the thin part with electrical/black duct tape
then you use the sharpie to make the BLU or RED logo on the bat

Step 4: Clothing

Just dress up like the pictures!
Be careful cause you need to:
*Put the shirt inside the pants, then put on the belt
*Put the pants inside the socks and make the socks and hold the socks up
*If your headphone has a cable, hide it inside the tee

Step 5: Scouty Actitude + Action Pics

You cant have a costume without actitude, you cant go speaking normallly with a Yip-Yip costume! you need to get into the character!
About the scout:
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Height: 1,76 m
Weight: 55,6 kg
Job: Rapid Recovery
Motto: 'Too Much Caffeine'
Fuel: Hot Dogs/Red Bull

So, basically try this:
-Twitch and be hiperactive
-Bring Hot dogs to the party
-Use a boston accent (listen to the scout video)
-Say things and do things like
--Measure your pulse while saying "im not even winded!"
--If someone asks you who the hell are you cosplaying, say "do you have any idea, any idea of who i am?" "basically? kinda' a big deal!"
--Touch a heavy cosplayer in the head with the bat and say "yo, whats up"

Also, for a closure, some pictures of the 2 parties i went to as the scout

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