Team Gertee Rides Like the Wind

Introduction: Team Gertee Rides Like the Wind

About: I'm a full time researcher and writer who began seeking alternative housing in order to continue my work (which doesn't pay very well). Along the way I became a cold weather housing researcher and full time yu…

Team Gertee continues experimenting with new materials and sizes in their new spot closer to "civilization." 

We've tried many different designs for frames and covers. The main thing we're learning is a lot of different things will work. This "condo" model has five small gertees attached: 10' Kitchen, 12' bedroom, 14' shop, 8' water closet, 8' arctic entryway.

The center 10 foot wide cookshack has 4 exit doors. The walls are not khana, they are 3x5' frames made with old 2x4's into rectangles. The center has the recycled metal lid roof ring with stackhole and the interior roof cover I actually made for the roof.

Heat-  A fan above the stack distributes the heat to the four main rooms down to  20 above, at below zero, only the kitchen and the dayroom stay warm because they have floors,  groundtarps, 2 inches of  foamboard insulation covered with 3/4 inch plywood covered with floorpads, canvas (off the old Girl Scout Tent) and rugs.

I'm working on an instructable of how to build a gertee with a table umbrella roof, and a stack of  28, 3 and 5 foot studs. There's more than one way to make a cheap portable gertee that stands up to 80 mph winds!  In the meantime I have a lot of pictures and a basic overview of the current set-up on my blog: 

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    solitary man
    solitary man

    9 years ago on Introduction

    I sincerely love your gertees and think what you are doing is important and valuable research. It is common knowledge that America is about to embark on some very rough economic times and I for one am taking your experiences and shared knowledge very seriously. Thank you for keeping us informed of your progress! :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm impressed! Your yurt seems to hold up a lot better than some of my neighbors houses! Good job!! I wouldn't mind having one of these.