Introduction: Team S Squared BOMBASTIC Water Rocket

Our bottle rocked which if I say so myself is quite epic was comprised of a few simple products that could be found in your own home.

We used:
           1. Tape
           2. String
           3. garbage bags 
           4. 2 Liter Soda bottles 
           5. card board 

Step 1: Making Our Rocket Base

We started our Rocket by making the bottom portion which held the "rocket fuel" (water) then added to the top a small level that held our tennis ball. Included on our base were three fins designed to aid the rocket in reaching high altitudes. These were made out os segments of another soda bottle and were curved to make the rocket spin as it ascended 

Step 2: Making the Detachable Top

The second component to our rocket was a tall top that was made out of soda bottles segments. 

TO begin making the top we Took 2 soda bottle's cut the tops and bottoms off and adhered them together with duct tape. 

We then added the very top cone made from the top of the bottle and filled it with small pieces of cardboard to help weigh it down. 

Step 3: Making the Parachute

By using two inexpensive garbage bags taped together we were able to construct a large oval shape from cutting the bags. 

We then added some of that very useful string to the ends of the oval and then coaxed it into the cut tennis ball