Introduction: Teammates Suck

You can hit this pillow as hard as you can. Sometimes when you are playing a game, your teammates' skills are awful. You can talk trash without spending time, you just have to hit a button, then you're done.

Here is the link for coding:


1. Arduino Leonardo

2. Breadboard

3. Two pushbuttons

4. Scissors

5. Pillow

6. Paper

7. Pen

Step 1: Coding

Here is the code:

Step 2: Assembly

1. Pin D4 and GND have to connect together to have the keyboard functions

2. The first button in pin D7

3. The second button in pin D6

Step 3: Stuff Your Arduino in the Pillow.

1. Cut a hole on your pillow.

2. Stuff your Arduino in the pillow (Be careful on this step.)

3. Cut another two holes on your pillows

4. Let your pushbuttons out of the holes.

5. Tape your buttons on the pillow. Make sure they won't move around.

6. Connect to your device and try it.

7. Hit as hard as you can to test is it able to bear or endure the punch.

Step 4: Prepare to Tell Your Teammates They Suck