Introduction: Tear Down for 2nd Generation IPod Shuffle

Tools I utilized:
* Exacto Knife
* Miniature Screwdriver (Phillips #00)  ~ I used a flat-head screwdriver
* Spudger (OPTIONAL but suggested for convenience)  

Other Possibly Useless Tools:
* Needle Nose Pliers (To hold my broken screwdriver)
* Hairdryer (to losen glue a bit - Optional tool!) 

~ Please note that I removed the clip from  my iShuffle before beginning process; I walked into a corner and bent the clip so that I couldn't fit it on the dock to charge it.  ~

Step 1: Remove Plastic (Both Sides)

Preliminary: (- Optional -)
I used the hairdryer to heat the glue. (In theory, this should make the plastic easier to remove...)  

I used the exacto-knife to pry up the plastic.  The plastic is thicker than I thought but after a few tries I successfully pried it up.  (The glue was fairly strong.)


~ Please note that I was not successful in removing the plastic without scratching the iShuffle case or damaging the plastic cover, therefore, if you plan to take this apart and reassemble it, do so with GREAT CARE! ~  

Step 2: Remove Switch-Covers

Remove the switch-covers / switch-slides from the bottom of the iShuffle.  They should honestly fall right out with minimal effort.  (I feel no real explanation is needed here. These photographs and a bit of common sense should be your guide!) 

~ It is not vital to have your switches set where you want them before removing the switch-covers; the switches can still be moved after removing the switch-covers... ~

Step 3: Remove Screws

(By removing the plastic covers, two screws should be exposed on both top and bottom (four total screws) of the iShuffle.)

Now remove all four  screws from BOTH sides of the iShuffle.  
Then carefully remove the metal-covers on BOTH sides of the iShuffle.  If the metal-covers don't fall out then remove them...

~ Nothing hard about this part, that is if you have a working screwdriver... The plastic handle was not connected to the metal rod rendering the screwdriver worthless without pliers... ~

Step 4: "Eject" the Circuit-Board

Remove the iShuffle circuit-board from the case carefully!  I utilized my spudger by pressing on the metal clasp on the bottom of the iShuffle to remove it from the case.  A surprisingly great deal of force was needed to get the circuit-board out of the case.  It may have been glued or just really wedged in the case...

VITAL NOTE: When removing the circuit-board from the case push from the BOTTOM ONLY ! The circuit-board will only exit if pushed from the bottom! (I realize this may be common sense, but still...) 

Step 5: Remove Tape From Headphone-Jack

Fifth: (OptionalStep )
Carefully lift the headphone-jack to remove the tape holding it to the circuit-board.  I carefully cut the tape with my exacto-knife.  Doing this will allow far more flexibility if you desire to place this in another case/shell.   

~ The last two photos are not directly relevant to the Tear Down but I hope they are at least interesting... ~

The End? 
This is my FIRST Instructable and this Tear Down was inspired by several other Tear Downs I have seen online; therefore, this is not my "original" concept... (But when has taking something apart ever been original?  After the first person took something apart and documented the process it was never again original, right?)