Introduction: TechShop Popcorn Salad - Made @TechShop

About: Maker/Inventor-thing [NYC x SF]

One definition of Innovation is recognizing and utilizing the resources around yourself to create something greater.
Also, I'm trying to eat more vegetables so why not?

You can use whatever ingredients you'd like but I'll be specific to the one I made.

Some Baby Spinach
Some Broccoli
1 Tomato
Purple/Orange Carrots
1/2 a Purple Onion
1 Lime
TechShop Popcorn
Fresh Parmesan Cheese (none of that green bottle crap!)
Sesame Oil
Soy Sauce

Cutting Board
Tongs (if convenient)

Step 1: Chop Your Veggies!


I recommending learning the Chef's Handle to master cutting through vegetables!

Step 2: Put It Together W/ Some Lime Juice!

In retrospect, I feel like I should've put the popcorn at the bottom
but this way worked as well- continue on.

Step 3: Cover W/ TechShop Popcorn + the Dressing.

Listen, Soy Sauce and Sesame Oil make ANYTHING taste better.
But anyways,

A dollop of mayo,
some hot SAUSEEE (optional for you)
a drizzle of the Oil
& a quick pour of the Soy.

Step 4: Garnish

Grate some cheese,
slice the lime for appeal,
and BOOM.

You got yourself a TechShop Popcorn Salad.

Step 5: Remember to Throw Waste Into the Compost!~


Step 6: Layerz - It's Actually Really Good! :D