@TechShopMP: Make Your Own Poker Chips With a Laser



Introduction: @TechShopMP: Make Your Own Poker Chips With a Laser

Do you like to play poker?
Do you want to have your own set of chips that is different than everyone else's chips?
Do I have the Instructable for you!

The first thing you need is some acrylic. I was fortunate that someone had left over scraps from a job they were working on and I used it to make my chips. 1/8" acrylic when cut to 1.5" chips has a weight of around 3.5g so they aren't as heavy as casino chips but not as light as those cheap plastic chips.

The second thing you need is a round logo. Make sure that all of the lines in your logo will scale and look correct at the small size of a poker chip.

And third you need a laser.

Open your design and make sure that it will cut the outside edge of the chip. If you want to have additional cuts inside the chip that could be interesting too.

Measure the size of your material so that you can make a correct representation of it in your design software. I used Corel Draw. This allowed me to maximize my yield per piece. Lay out your design across your available space and then cut it out.

You will see I left the paper on the acrylic which meant I had to ramp up my settings for etching a little but it allowed me to leave the chips partially masked which i felt was a good look.

Enjoy your chips!

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