Introduction: Technological Process of Diode

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This is a short article about the technological process of diode. Hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Tip-out and Marking.

Step 2: Clean and Oxidize to Improve the Growth of SiO2.

Step 3: Add OAP and Well Stir the Glue.

Step 4: Perform Exposure Optical Carving, Developing and Post-baking.

Step 5: Hard Baking and Corrosion.

Step 6: Hard Baking and Injection.

Step 7: Stripping of Photoresist.

Step 8: Knot Push and Oxidize B to Form P + Isolation.

Step 9: Photoetching and Engraving Lead Holes.

Step 10: Clean. and Oxidize P- Before Injection.

Step 11: Inject P- to Increase the Voltage and Reduce Leakage Current.

Step 12: Implement the Bleaching of Acid to Remove the Oxide Layer of Lead Holes.

Step 13: Cleaning and Steaming Cr.

Step 14: Alloy to Form an Alloyed Potential Barrier.

Step 15: Striping Off Cr.

Step 16: Cleaning and Evaporating the Aluminum.

Step 17: Reversely Engraving the Aluminum.

Step 18: Back Thinning.

Step 19: Cleaning, Acid Bleaching and Back Metallization.