Introduction: Techshop Built Cabinet (Walnut, Maple, Mahogany, Cherry)

I LOVE THE TECHSHOP!!!  Being a woodworker, I have access to everything I need to build whatever I need to. 

I was asked to build a low cabinet for a friend, and he drew out the plans...I was excited to get going on such a beautiful piece. 

Step 1: Planing and Joining and Gluing.

FIRST, I chose the wood. Woodcraft is expensive, but has a pretty good selection.

I planed the wood to the right thickness and jointed the ends to glue them together for the doors. 

Step 2: Glueup With Biscuit Joiner.

In order to keep them lined up when gluing, I used a biscuit joiner. WHICH, OF COURSE, THE TECHSHOP HAS!!!!

Step 3: SHOPBOT Cut Cabinet Carcass....

I used the shopbot to cut all my sides, top, and dividers for the carcass of the cabinet...  ALSO MAKES FOR PERFECT SHELF PIN HOLES!!!!

Step 4: Cutting the Hardware Holes.....

I was pretty nervous to cut the holes for the door hinges, but they turned out great. Using a hole guide and the drill press, I was able to get them perfect.

Things started to shape up.....

Drawers took some time to get perfect, but the TECHSHOP has every tool I needed.


This cabinet is going in an office building, and behind a conference table. I didn't want handles to be hit by the back of chairs, so I routed them into the doors and drawer fronts.

It was a two part process. 

First, I build a jig so I could rout inside it. I did the first cut with a straight bit. 

Then, I took a less deep, but larger diameter bit, and cleared out a deep pocket for a place for your fingers to pull the doors/drawers out. It made me nervous, but eventually got them just how I wanted.

Step 6: Finishing the Whole Thing...

The techshop has a great finishing room. I spent a lot of time in there painting the outside of the cabinet with a laquer white spray paint. It looks great when you do it right, but it took me some extra coats to get it that way. 

I uses a wipe on Polycrylic satin finish for the doors, no stain, just a smooth clean finish. 

Step 7: Shelves...

I used some prelaminated wood for the shelves, and just ironed on some laminate edgebanding. Looks good in the end, and not that much work. Painting is the worst.

Step 8: Final Resting Place....

Here it is in it's new home. I think they love it. At least, I hope they do.