Introduction: Teddy Bear Repair

This is Wilbear Wright, indirect descendant of the Wright Brothers in Dayton, Ohio. (Actually, it's a National Park Services scavenger hunt reward) He's one of the cutest aviation momentos I have.

We'll, I broke his goggle while trying to push it above his head ....

Step 1: Small Sugery Needed

Like we say with omelets, some more breakage is needed. So I broke off the other piece too.

Step 2: Find Something Stretchable

Knowing it broke because the goggle 'bridge' doesn't stretch, I rummage thru my daughters junk and found this ....

Step 3: More Surgery Needed

The goggle is less than .25", so I use helping hands soldering station to secure it. I use a zip saw and cut a 1/8 notch.

Step 4: Final Step

Simply tie a knot so it doesn't slip. Notch the other side and do the same, make sure it's not too tight.

Totally coincidental the part has COOL printing on it, so I try to line up & center the wording too ...

Step 5: All Done !

Which looks better, flying cap off or on ?