Introduction: Teddy Bear Secret Tummy!!!

Here are the materials that you will need!Materials:

· Ribbon

· Teddy bear/ Stuffed Animal

· Fabric – sturdy material for the compartment!

· Fabric, to cover the compartment

· Thread

· Needle

· Velcro

· Sewing Machine

*Please note that we took the liberty of making our own Teddy to complete this Instructable, but you can get one from the store, any stuffed animal will work!*

Step 1: Measure Space for the Compartment

*Make sure you record your measurements

Step 2: Measure the Compartment!

  • Measure out a square on the fabric according to the size of your measurements!
  • Next decide how deep you want your compartment!
  • Cut out the sides of the compartment based on how deep you want it to be

    *We are making ours 1 1/2 deep

Step 3: Assemble Your Compartment!

It may be a good idea to use your sewing machine for this part, straight lines are important.

PS: It doesn't matter what side you put the markings on because it will be inside of your bear

Step 4: Cut Out the Tummy!

Time to cut out the tummy!

Step 5: Trap Door

-Measure out the cover for your secret compartment!

-Make sure that you are cutting a quarter inch larger than your markings

*Make sure it fits before further steps

Step 6: Cut Open Teddy!

Now that you have all materials ready, cut open the stomach in the appropriate area.

Step 7: Teddy Operation

Take out excess stuffing!

Step 8: Slip It In!

fit compartment into the bear's stomach.

Step 9: Sew It In.

Use a ladder stitch to attach the compartment.

*A ladder stitch is show in the picture

Step 10: Cover It Up!

Now that your secret compartment it sewed on, its time to cover it

Add velcro at the top so the tummy stays closed snug when you want to hide it!

Have fun with your bear!

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