Introduction: "Teddy Bear Snare" Toy Bear Trap

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"Teddy Bear Snare" is a tiny bear trap that when triggered also suspends the trap in the air like a snare. Its entire purpose is entertainment. This instructable will show you how it works & how to build one.

Design intent:

*The set & snap action come from designing the rubber band tension pivots to be carefully positioned relative to the teeth hinge. Opening the jaw places the tension pivot just below the teeth hinge to keep it from closing the trap on its own, and a hardstop keeps it in place.

*The rubber band is doubled over for hard snapping action. In my initial design I noticed that the twisting/sliding motion was rough on the bands so I printed tiny bushings that can freely slide on the outer pins to relieve the bands of that friction.

*The frame has a V notch just below the cord reel so the string it can be strung through to hold it just barely in place so that when the trap is triggered the motion of the teeth unhooks the cord so it can roll up! (There are other notches you can try to see what works for you.)

*The magnets are just to keep everything together nicely and provide another way to hang the finger loop handle. I hung it off my refrigerator for the video.


STL Files attached to this step. >Please note the non-commercial-don't-even-share-modifications-license<

*0.2mm layer thickness max.

*10+% infill, 3+ perimeters, in any hard material.

*Having said that my material of choice is eSun PLA+.

*No supports or brim necessary. Easy! (3hr & 30g print)

Post process with a razor if necessary so the cord can fit into the V notch easily, and the bushings slip over the pins easily.

Step 2: Tools + Shopping List:

*Disclaimer: List includes affiliate links.

Shopping list:

1X Badge Reel, cheap generic type.

2x Tiny Rubber bands- That brand in the photo & link specifically is excellent. The dollar store ones work but they break quickly.

4X Short screws - (3mm screw 9.5mm long)

8x Neodium Magnets

--(Notice how many of the same materials it uses as my pocket grapple instructable here. Not an accident.)


Just a Phillips screwdriver! I do recommend a dab of superglue for holding the magnets in place. (The ruler is for size reference in the photos.)

Step 3: Glue in the Magnets

Before squirting out glue, make sure the printed holes came out nicely and will fit the magnets. If necessary use a razor to clean the up or a heat gun to gently reshape the hole.

Orient the magnets so the two separate parts will attract to each other & glue them in flush.

Step 4: Attach the Bushing Pins

The bushings are meant to freely rotate on the pins. Note if you orient the pins so the layer lines are lined up between the pin & hole then it will self retain and you dont need to glue it!

Step 5: Install Screws & Bands.

Attach the 4x screws first, making sure they are not too tight so as not to inhibit motion.

Then double up the rubber band and install on the bushings as shown.

Step 6: Enjoy!

The last thing is the handle which is held in place by the cord reel badge strap & button, as shown.

That's are there is to it, easy build, I hope you enjoy! Please take a second to vote in the Instructables rubber band contest & post pics if you make one!

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