Introduction: Teddy Bear Speaker

Simple and cheap speaker system out of a cute teddy bear.

Step 1: Materials

-a stuffed bear or other animal
-speakers (I used old computer speakers)
-screw driver or something to open the speakers
-soldering epuipment to solder the wires after taking them out of the speaker
-scissors or knife to open the bear or animal
-needle and thread to stitch the bear or animal up again

Step 2: Speakers

First off open the box that houses the speaker and take the speaker itself out. Do this for both speakers. Secondly solder any ends back together.

Step 3: Box It

I just used one of the speaker boxes to house all the wires but you may want to use something smaller. This goes into the bear. Make sure that the speakers are always turned on and the volume is at the desired level.

Step 4: The Bear

Open the back of the bear and put each speaker into a chosen limb. I put a speaker in each leg. Then put in the wire housing container.

Step 5: Stitch Me Up

Now it is time to stitch up the bear and leave the power cord and speaker jack out.

Step 6: Turn It Up

Now attach an ipod, MP3, or something else to the speaker jack and blast it.