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Introduction: Teddy Halloween Prop

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Hey guys it me again! Sorry I haven't posted much recently, I'm struggling to explain my ideas which has ended up with me having a lot of draft material that I have not posted because it makes no sense. But hey its Halloween again! and I love halloween so heres a prop I have made for this years costume! (I will also do a tutorial on my costume)

Anyways, lets. get. started!!!

Step 1: Fit Ya Need

An old Teddy that you don't mind getting recked



Fake blood or paint

Step 2: MUD

So get your teddy and go rub him in some mud! I brushed off the big clumps as i just wanted the stain.

Step 3: All Bandaged Up

get a Bandage and rap it around various parts of the body. I rapped it around the eye.

Step 4: Bloody Hell....

now get the fake blood or paint and dap it over, not going over the top though! also put some on the Bandages as well. and leave to dry

Step 5: Done!

now its ready! you can add patches and 'scares' to your teddy too.

Please tell me if you liked this DIY! and post a picture of your creation in the comments or to my inbox!

'Til next time!!!

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