Introduction: TeeBotMax! Open Source Foldable 3D Printer. Free Plans!!

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The Design

The Idea was to design and develop a 3D printer which is simple to build, easy to move around and travel with, built with simple materials and equally strong and precise.

Many open source designed 3D printer have inspired the design of TeeBotMax. Many thanks for sharing: to all the open source developers worldwide.

The materials

The frame is built from 20mm X 20mm aluminium square pipe. You can find them in almost any hardware/home improvement shop. Every other parts are the same reprap parts, the whole X axis design is from the Reprap Prusa I3. The attached build manual contains a detail list of all parts and materials.

  • TeeBotMax Printed plastic parts 1 set Download link below.
  • 4 Meters of square aluminium pipes (20mm x 20mm).
  • Stepper Motors Nema17 (5 Pcs)
  • Reprap compatible electronics
  • Mechanical (Smooth rods, bearings, belt pulley)
  • Power supply (12volts with a min of 15A)

Build animation video here

TeebotMax printing a vase

Printing flexible rubber filament!!

For those who do not have access to a 3D printer. You can order the plastic parts and frame at All Items are shipped from The Netherlands.

3D printing Steps.

Get a 3d design, either by drawing one yourself or downloading it online.. Use slicing software (slic3r) to convert the 3D design into machine readable codes (Gcodes) Send the gcode to the printer using an SD memory card. Watch the printer do its magic....

Updates, more photos and more..

My blog: More photos & illustrations..

Github: Files & source code

Reprap Wiki page:

Enjoy...Dream & Create!!!