Introduction: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Crochet Puppet Doll

About: I graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in English. I want to write children's novels. I'm a mother of 3 and home-school all of them. I am currently obsessed with learning to make cloth dolls.

This is an 18 inch tall hand puppet/doll, all made from crochet. I used a G hook and Red Heart yarn. The pattern comes from Kathleen Early's website, Yarn Arts: click "Patterns" on the left frame, then "Puppets" in the middle.

I made him for my 7-year-old son, who's loved the Turtles for years. I realize that the mask/weapons don't match in the picture, but Leo's swords looked a little the worse for play so I used the nunchuks for the pictures instead. I still need to make more masks and finish the rest of the weapons so my son can interchange which turtle he wants to play with. Maybe someday I'll make all 4 turtles, but this guy took a loooong time so it might be a while!