Introduction: Teenkona Parotta : the Bengali Layered Flatbread

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Step 1: Take the Flour in a Deep Bottomed Bowl. Add the Salt to It and Mix Well.

Step 2: Now Make a Well in the Middle and Add 1 Cup of Water.

Step 3: Now Start Mixing the Flour With Water. Add More Water, Little by Little and Start Kneading the Dough.

Step 4: When the Dough Looks Homogenous (like in the Picture) It Needs No More Water.

Step 5: Now Add 3 Teaspoons of Oil.

Step 6: Knead the Dough Nicely. This Step Is Important, Because the Better the Dough Is Kneaded, the Softer Will Be the Flatbreads.

Step 7: Now Rest the Dough for 45 Minutes. This Will Help the Gluten in the Flour Form Long Protein Chains and Bind the Dough Nicely.

Step 8: Knead the Dough Again Nicely.

Step 9: Divide the Dough Into Two Tubular Parts.

Step 10: Then Divide Each Tubular Part Into Small Balls.

Step 11: Coat Each Ball Nicely With Oil.

Step 12: Roll It in a Circular Shape With the Help of a Rolling Pin.

Step 13: Fold It in Half and Then in a Quarter.

Step 14: Lightly Roll the Layered Triangular Piece Into a Larger Triangle.

Step 15: Then Place It in a Hot Non-stick Pan and Dry Roast It for 1 Minute.

Step 16: Then Sprinkle It With 1 Teaspoon of Oil From All the Sides. As the Color Changes to Yellow Ochre Change the Side.

Step 17: Press It Lightly.

Step 18: Turn the Sides Again and Keep for 30 Seconds.

Step 19: Remove It and Serve Hot.