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Introduction: Telephone Box

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hello everybody! i'm going to show you how i have created my project, I transformed my bedroom door into an english telephone box. this project is pretty easy to do, i hope you'll appreciate it.

Step 1: Materials

what you need:

-red, white and black acrylic paint

-permanent markers

-masking tape



Step 2: Outlines

Protect the sides of the door, the door handle, the floor and the walls with newspapers. acrylic paint is hard to remove.

let’s start by drawing with a pencil the outline of our telephone booth. image results on google can give you a general idea of how the outline looks like. use a long ruler to draw the lines as straight and neat as possible. adjust the size of the booth to the size of your door. my door was approximately 70cmx210cm, as you can see in the following picture use the pencil exclusively until you are sure of the size of the booth. my door was already white, but if that’s not your case i recommend painting it white with a few coats of white paint

Step 3: Paint

Start with the red paint. stay inside the lines, you can even leave some white space before the pencil line that will be covered by the black permanent marker. Lay at least two coats of red.

Step 4: Stencil

Search “crown stencil” on google for a picture of the britsh crown, print it and create a stencil with the cutter.

For the text i chose the Times New Roman font which is similar to the font of the british phone booths. The procedure is the same: print and cut. Once you are done with the stencils, stick them to the door with masking tape and protect the surrounding space with newspapers. It’s best to use spray paint, but you can also achieve great results with a paint brush and a little caution Lastly with the help of the ruler, trace the black lines with the marker as shown in the picture.

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    8 years ago

    Awesome!! I'm doing dat!!:-)