Introduction: Telephone Stand

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This instructable was made after one of my students wanted to make a custom telephone stand. You can use any telephone large or small. It is made of plywood and 5mmx5mm rod, 10mmx10 mm rod and and a piece of wood to make the back rests.

Have fun!

Step 1: You Will Need..

Your phone

-plywood 3mm

-5 x 5 mm rod

-10 x 10 mm rod







-a plank 1.5 to 2 cm thickness

-sandpaper grit 120

Step 2: Getting Started

First you have to outline your phone on a piece of paper with a pencil. Then you have to use the small rod to create the outer-line of the top and sides of the phoneholder's backplate. You use the 10 x 10 rod to draw the bottom line. Cut your template out with scissors.

Place your template on your plywood and draw around it. Use the saw to make the backplate.

Step 3: The Next Step

Is to measure the length of rod you need for the bottom. Use the saw to create the right length. Then glue it to the bottom of the plate with the use of the clamp. Do the same for the sides, but use the smaller rod. You now have your backplate complete.

Step 4: Making the Stands

I included a template/drawing for the backstands. Transfer them to the wood. Use the larger ones for big phones and the smaller ones for smaller lighter phones. Get them out using the saw. Then glue them to the backplate watch out and use the right side or your stand will be straight up on a 90 degrees angle. When the glue dried use sandpaper to mak it smooth and nice. Enjoy using the custom stand on your desk or anywhere else.


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