Introduction: Telescope and DSLR Solar Filter

Warning! Looking directly at the Sun can blind you. Too observe the sun you need special viewing glasses or filters. If in doubt seek advice from a professional.

This is a short instructable to show you how to make a solar filter for your telescope or DSLR camera.

Cardboard (recycle a cereal box)
sticky tape
Solar film (Baader or other make)

Camera lens
telescope lens/dust cap

Step 1: Cut Cardboard Strips

Thick cardboard will work much better than thin cardboard. It will keep it's shape and last longer.

Take the card and cut it ito strips. You need to cut 2 strips per filter.

Step 2: Make Cardboard Rings

Take the first strip of cardboard and wrap it around the end of the camera lens or the outside of solar aperture on the telescope cover so it fits snuggly. Tape it sol you will have a cardboard ring.

Repeat this with the next cardboard strip but wrap the cardboard around the first cardboard ring. The second ring should easily slip over the first and slide up and down.

Repeat both steps for your camera lens as well.

Step 3: Cut Solar Film to Size

Next you need to cut your solar filter film to size.

Place the cardboard rings on the filter film and mark and cut out square pieces.

Step 4: Final Step

To create your solar filter, take one set of cardboard rings. Separate them and place the smaller one on the table.

Place the piece of square solar film on top.

With the second slightly bigger ring, locate on top of the smaller ring and slide it down trapping the film between the two rings.

Trim any excess film.

Repeat for the camera lens filter.

If you are making this for a telescope, it migh be a good idea to also make one for the finderscope.

Please remember that these filters will only filter the sun from one eye. Always keep your other eye closed or you risk blinding yourself.

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