Telescoping Paper Katana



Introduction: Telescoping Paper Katana

This telescoping katana works great for costumes and swordfights with siblings. It is easy to store or keep hidden and is made for a generally low cost and takes a decently hard hit. Being made out of paper makes it safe and makes it hard to shatter breakable objects. Have fun!


- 1x 12" x 12" colored cardstock

- Clear tape

- Black Electrical tape (or any dark tape you have on hand)

- 4-5 8" x 11.5" white paper

- Permanent Marker

- Glue stick

Step 1: Gather Materials

Step 2: Fold Colored Paper

I used a breadboard to make sure it was the same thickness all the way across (rulers work to). make sure to glue the first and final edge to hold the shape and add tape for extra support.

Step 3: Cap the End

Take the breadboards (or whatever you used) out of the tube and then tape one end with the electrical tape or whatever tape you have then wrap the tape around the base 2-3 full times the fold the edges in and add an extra piece of tape on the end to cap it off.

Step 4: Middle Section

Using the breadboard again take the white paper longways and folds a tighter (gluing as you go) to make sure it fits in the handle. x2

Step 5: Make Key Piece

Take one of your two paper tubes (preferably the larger one) and cut it in half. Then glue one half to the other tube near the bottom and wrap it around while gluing then tape it to secure it extra.

Step 6: Attach the Middle Section

Slide the completed middle section into the handle and then wrap

Step 7: Add Handle Design

Use electrical tape to create a design near the blade on your handle the cover the clear tape by wrapping the end of the handle 3-4 times. Make sure not to prohibit the middle section from being able to slide.

Step 8: Build Tip Section

First roll one sheet of paper into a pole gluing as you roll it up the tape to secure it. Then place the pole long ways on another sheet of white paper taping it down then fold it about 3/4 of an inch wide gluing as you roll.

Step 9: Finish Tip Section

First cut and angle at the top of the tip section then take a piece of tape and close that end of the tube. Then take the remaining half of the large tube from Step 5 and glue to the opposite end and wrap/glue then tape to secure

Step 10: Finish the Sword

Slide the tip section into the top of the middle section and then draw any kind of design you want on the blade and have fun!! If the tip section seems to loose add paper around its base until it fits snug, now the whole sword can be collapsed to make it either longer or shorter. Thanks for reading!!!

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