Introduction: Tell Phillips From Regular Tip Screwdrivers Without Looking at the Tip

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Many of us store our screwdrivers on hanging racks were you can see the top of the handle but not the tip. Half the time you pull out a tool with the wrong tip. A few screwdrivers come with a symbol on the top to indicate what type the driver is. This instructable will give you one way to do this.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Old cd rom or other disposable surface

Single edge razor blade or equivalent

White electrical tape ( or other color to your choice )

Screwdrivers to mark

Step 2: Procedure

We want very thin strips of the tape, try to cut this with a scissor and you are likely to cut the tip of your fingers off. Instead apply the tape to a surface like an old cdrom. Then use a single edged razor blade to cut across and get a thin strip. Apply to the screwdrivers. Clean with a solvent first if the tape does not adhere. See pictures. Done.

Step 3: Another Idea

Half the time I try to put my usb devices plug in upside down. Use a bit of tape to mark the up side.  Now I plug in using only 2/3's the time.