Introduction: Tell Your Story in 3D

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This is a low cost STEAM project that brings any story, reenactment or explanation to life

Step 1: Write a Story or Script

This project can be done with students writing a 3 part story (beginning, middle, end) or a 5 part story (setup, conflict, challenge, climax and resolution). It can also be done by reenacting a historical moment or any type of event. It can used to tell any story, science, math, history, it has endless possibilities.

Click here for the 3 part story planner.

Click here for the 5 part story planner.

Step 2: Create Your Background

On a piece of A4 (letter size) paper draw the setting of your story. Afterwards, laminate the paper (this will make the magnets move smoother).

Step 3: Create Your Character

Draw and color the character of your story. After you have laminated the character cut them out, place a magnet on the back of the character. Next place a magnet on the back of a popsicle stick, this will be used to move your character, bringing them to life.

Step 4: Bring Your Story to Life

You are now ready to bring your story to life! Tell your story while moving the character using the popsicle stick on the back of the setting.

Step 5: Be an EDinfluencer

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