Introduction: Tell Your Story

We can think that being self taught means its just a hobby or that we are only fiddling around. What we don't realize is that we may stumble upon our hidden and most powerful calling. My husband bought me a camera over 5 years ago. Even though I could hardly get off the couch or out of bed while treating Late Stage Lyme Disease, I found myself pushing to stand up and focus for a photograph. No matter how isolated I felt, I could see the beauty outside my windows and find my escape through the lens. After a few years, I found out about a free software download to edit my photos with and I began to play with this self portrait. I had a pull out screen with my camera so I tried to keep my face perfectly still trying to line up my face sideways while keeping the camera at the perfect angle. I wanted an honest photo, no makeup, no frills, just raw honesty. I then took my photo through the editing software and realized I could use my own face to tell a story. My story. It amazes me the power of black and white, some sharpening of the image and text could say something so loudly. I put this photograph into different social media platforms and its been in our local newspaper. I think every artists dream is being able to say so much with something so simple. That's when you know you have hit the mark. When you tear up looking at an image and start to feel like your able to walk in someone else's shoes. To feel what they feel, to hear what they hear, heart to heart, soul to soul. I think that's what the Arts are all about. To tell a story. To leave people feeling empowered. To shake the normal. To dance outside of the box. I call myself a photographer not because I took classes although technique is very needed and useful. But because no matter what, I know I have the heart of a photographer. I know I have the eye of a photographer. Sometimes that's what matter's most. Be fearless. Be awesome. Be you.